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Bourque's readers are "Sophisticated, Highly-Educated, Well-Employed, Great Deal Of Disposable Income"
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Inquiries from advertisers, marketers, public affairs, public relations,
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Some of Our Clients: Glaxo Smithkline Welcome, Canadian Chemical Producers Association, Labatt's, Rick Mercer's Monday Report ... Sikorsky ... Innovation.Ca ... Zip.Ca ... Liberal Party Of Canada, Forest Products Association Of Canada, Mounted Police Members Legal Fund, Canadian Alliance, Canadian Tire, Rittenhouse, TDBank, Liberal Party of Ontario, Belinda Stronach Leadership Campaign, Marijuana Party, PrepaidDirect, Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Vancouver Film School, Summa Strategies, Pollara, SES Research, New Democratic Party of Canada, Prospectus Associates, Riley Information Services, Compaq, CIBC, Cadillac, CasinoAcura.Com, SportsBetting.Com ...

Who Should Use Bourque: Governments, Breweries, Banks, Car Makers, Airlines, Insurance & Investment Companies, Public Affairs & Gvt. Relations Agencies, Oil Companies, Consumer Goods Makers & Retailers, Premium Liquor Distillers, Tourism Industry, Mutual Funds, Non-Profit Groups, Unions, Professional Associations, Telecommunications & Technology Companies, Media, Soft Drink Bottlers, Retailers, Restaurant Chains, Lotteries, Casinos ...



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With millions of monthly visits, Bourque reaches the masses from coast to coast. But it is also a direct conduit to a powerful audience pool of many of the country's top influence peddlers, interpreters, and re-distributors ... extremely well-placed people from the worlds of business, government, media, academia, and the legal, professional, & public policy communities. It represents a very unique meeting point, the axis of Canadian society itself.

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Bourque is where news is. It is where politicians go to tap into the public mood, where journalists go to find out what's making news, and where news junkies from across the country go to feed their insatiable habits. It is where important information is gauged, waged, and weighed for currency, accuracy, and competence.

Be Understood: Loud & Clear When It Matters ...

Bourque is high-visibility real-time exposure for your mission-critical messaging and branding needs, along with effective, efficient, and ground-zero access to your target market. If you are an advertiser or newsmaker looking to place your important message on the public agenda, this is your place to be.

Inquiries from advertisers, marketers, public affairs, public relations,
messaging organizations, & media, contact Pierre Bourque, Publisher.

* Pierre Bourque is also available for commercial endorsements, public appearances, client or employee outings, and motivational speaking programs.