"The king of Canadian news junkie Web sites. Bourque Is My Homepage, It Ought To Be Yours" - Canada's top radio host Charles Adler ... "Bourque Is One Of This Country's True Gems" - John Gormley, CKOM/CJME Saskatchewan ... "Bourque Is A Notable Triumph Of Our Time" - Saltspring Tattler ... ""While living and working in Washington, DC, I rely on Bourque to keep me informed about what's going on back home" - Vast Right Right Wing Conspiracist Rachel Marsden ... "Bourque, You Are Faster Than A Speeding Bullet !" Jim Hinter, President of the National Firearms Ass. ... "I use your website daily to keep up with developments in Canada. Keep up the good work!" - Eduardo del Buey, Organization Of American States ... "Bourque ... Restlessly updated ..." - Kirk LaPointe, Ex-VP, CTV News, now Managing Editor Vancouver Province ... "The Canadian Drudge, Pierre Bourque. If our Canadian posters don't know about this lively page yet, they should click it. It's majorly cool." - Drudge pal Lucianne Goldberg ... "Bourque is a must read around our shop. He's frequently got the scoop way ahead of everyone else." Devin Baines, politico ... "Bourque ... the most popular political gossip Web site in town." - Richard Cleroux, Canoe ... "Net Plus Ultra" - Michel Vastel, L' Actualite ... "There's three things I do each and every morning whether I'm in the office or on the road ... get a coffee, eat my bagel and surf by Bourque to check out the headlines ... then my day can begin." - Walter Robinson, Canadian Taxpayers Federation ... "Any MP's Assistant worth their salt has Bourque Newswatch on all day." - Hep C Rights Proponent Susan White ... "University students across the country, in need of news on demand, use Bourque as the 21st Century news stand. The ones who don't clearly don't have a clue about what's going on in the world." - Political Junkie Shuv Majumdar ... "It's similar to the Drudge Report, but has a greater breadth to its news links." - National Post WebHound ... "a very good job of synthesizing important Canadian news and throwing in some of his own gossip", Anthony Wilson-Smith, Maclean's Editor ..... "Pierre Bourque's NewsWatch, which takes pride in skewering all Canadian politicians with the same sharp stick." - Geoff Martin, Editor, TorontoComputes.Com ... "Bookmark Bourque's site for the best in breaking news from a Canadian perspective." - Report.Ca ... "

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