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The Elevator Pitch:
- Our 19th year, 24/7 operation ...
- Pan-Canadian reach, critical-mass audience ...
- Top go-to site, saturation readership in Canada's political capitals
- Millions of visits from coast-to-coast-to-coast per month ...
- We drive narratives & traffic ..
- We have worked with a wide-array of clients ..
- We are listed with CARD Online ..
- We support all IAB specs ..
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Google Analytics: (as of August 20, 2017)
- 28 minutes, 08 seconds per day average time per visitor on Bourque ...
- 88.03% direct non-search traffic, making Bourque top-of-mind go-to site ...
- On average, a visitor returns over 7.72 times per day

Global Stats: (as of August 20, 2017)
- 87.4 % traffic from Canada
- 8.3 % traffic from USA
- 4.3 % from elsewhere around the world

Bourque Newswatch, Canada's online news authority, has been reaching key movers and shakers from across the wide spectrum of Canadian society since 1998. From its inception when the nation's political class bookmarked Bourque as their go-to online news site, to today with a national readership and the realization that politics is only part of the Canadian landscape, Bourque has cemented its position as the major independent purveyor of news in the country. In short, when important news that will shape the national agenda breaks, regardless of topic or location, nobody gives broader access to a wider variety of coverage than Bourque. Nobody.

We satisfy our readers ongoing real-time appetite for breaking news and in-depth analysis of the events and the people who shape our nation and our world. The fact that we provide one-click access to the widest selection of news sources makes ours a compelling destination for any news junkie, whether Cabinet minister, titan of industry, banker, professional, reporter, educator .. in fact, for just about anyone interested in knowing what's going on when news breaks.

A wide array of clients have wisely invested in Bourque Newswatch advertising campaigns over the years because we can uniquely help them:

- access a national audience, along with saturation readership in Canada's Capital cities
- deploy and sustain high-visibility branding initiatives
- gain exposure for key events on their calendars
- put forward important material in a wide variety of formats
- develop and drive mission-critical tactical messaging that stands out from the crowd
- shape opinions by putting forward deep-impact running narratives

Our clients prefer Bourque Newswatch because:

- we reach the key people they need to reach
- we get their message seen, heard, and actioned
- we support all IAB specs
- we offer 24/7 customer service
- we have minimal campaign launch lead-time from inception to delivery
- we provide ultra-competitve pricing alternatives
- we consistently out-perform on expectations

Whether yours is a $100 campaign or a $100,000 campaign, we will accommodate your every need.

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Pollara: Audience is "Sophisticated, Highly-Educated, Well-Employed, Great Deal Of Disposable Income" ...
Saturation readership among politicians, bureaucrats, media, Bay Street ...

The Fodder:
An audience for your message. Business owners, advertisers and other communications professionals know only too well how hard it is to reach a carefully defined, specific audience when you have an important message, vision, product or idea that you need to sell.

Sure, you can issue a press release (which often turns into a one-way trip to the blue box), or even spend a little on advertising in traditional news media, such as the daily newspaper, magazines, radio, or TV. It can be an expensive proposition, and risky too, since you are generally expected to cut a cheque for a considerable fixed amount to pay for a campaign—no matter whether that campaign is successful.

According to Pollara Research, Canada’s leading public-opinion research firm:

People visit us often—From a total sample of 1,030 respondents, over three quarters (77%) said they visit Newswatch once or several times a day.

Our readers are influential and come from key demographics—People visit Newswatch because it is a convenient way to get all the key stories of the day without wasting time. Who are these readers? One-third of our respondents are professionals and the majority of which are between the ages of 25 to 54.

Our readers are well educated—Among respondents, almost three out of five (58%) possess a university and post-graduate degree, compared to the national online average (35%). Of those who subscribe to our unique Bourque Newsletter, 87% (that’s almost nine-out-of-ten!) either attended university or graduated with a bachelor’s or a graduate degree.

Our readers are affluent—A generous portion of Newswatch readers are affluent. Nearly half (43%) report household earnings between $75,000 to $100,000+...and that’s significantly higher (11%) that the reported national online average.

We’re recognized for quality—Approximately three out of every four respondents rates our site as being "very good" or "excellent."
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