Which Brokerage Firm Should You Trust?

We live in a brave new world, flooded with information and often providing very little valuable insight to go on. For many traders, new and seasoned alike, choosing from the list of brokerage firms on the internet can seem like a roll of the dice. So looking past the flashy internet advertising you've seen, how can you know who to trust with your capital?

Rule #1: Weighing up the Risks

As any trader worth their salt knows, the only way to start is by weighing up the risks. The truth is that many brokerage companies on the internet don't segregate their funds from those of their clients. That puts your capital in significant danger. There's no guarantee that such companies won't go bankrupt, your hard-earned capital in tow.

Rule #2: Use a Company That Provides Insurance

Many brokerage firms also won't provide capital insurance against internet security failure. But let's face it, no matter where you are on the internet, and no matter how secure the credit card technology used to protect your details, your capital is never 100% safe from web-related risks like hackers or internal glitches.

You need a brokerage firm that not only implements the best trading interface the world has to offer, but insures your money at no added cost to you.

A Legacy You Can Stand On

While many companies don't have much of a leg to stand on, our brokerage platform: glenmoreinvestments.com offers a fully developed legacy and a flawless track record that you will shield you in the brave future ahead. So no matter what the risks of our rapidly changing world, you can rest assured in our integrity.

The Best Security in the Industry

Apart from segregating your capital from our own, rather than pooling it with our other clients', we also fully insure your capital. This means you're guarded against even the remotest of risks. Especially if you're entrusting a company with large sums of capital, this is a vital consideration in capital protection. We won't ever take your peace of mind for granted.

We Care About Your Success

Our seasoned professionals represent a legacy that spans back to 1983, meaning you can rely on our expert guidance as long as you're involved in trading. With courses to expand your knowledge of the markets and a comprehensive list of commodities, indices and blue chip assets to trade in, we have all you need to keep the odds in your favor. However, we offer far more.

Among our complement of services, we also offer “i-Follow,” allowing you to replicate the positions of traders the best, most consistent of trading histories. “Long term,” another of our trading products means we don't restrict you to short term trading like many other brokerage companies. Lastly, in our “Strategy advisor” we provide you with the algorithmic technology that's become so crucial in modern times.

So if you're as concerned about capital protection as we are, don't settle for anything less.